Forma S


Most of our interiors are visualized in 3D programs with the idea of ​​our clients getting the notion that is as complete as possible of the interior we are offering them. The utilization of the latest technology and materials is an important part of our philosophy. This enables us to keep up with the new trends and to solve interesting and complicated tasks. By becoming familiar with the wishes of our clients, we strive to professionally build objects, relying on the experience and the creative approach to this matter. Having our own production gives us the confidence to be brave and independent in our work. The combination of interior design and furniture production in one makes us desirable and reliable partners that customers can trust.

Our manifestations are in the field of all types of interiors, public and private. The company offers two approaches to the design:

For all the furniture components we do not produce – electrical appliances, dining tables, chairs, etc., we offer consultations to our clients when choosing them.

All the furnishing designed and manufactured by us is installed and serviced by our employees. We provide a contractual warranty of 3 to 5 years, depending on the nature of the project.