Forma S

About us

The company was founded in 1995 by Stilian Dichev and Boyko Atanasov. Until the registration of “Forma S” Ltd. they implement their projects with subcontractors. Due to the growing interest of the clients, a team of designers is formed, the necessary machines for the furniture production are purchased, highly qualified professionals are recruited and the own production begins.

Thus created the company allows serious appearances in the field of the overall design of the interior, as well as the manufacture of almost all the furniture components in it. The presence of an own production base assists the designers in the realization of their bold ideas.

Working in the field of all types of interiors – private and public, offering full service, ie. design, manufacturing and supervision, “Forma S” Ltd. is a preferred partner for the customers.

In 2006 “Forma S” Ltd. built its new manufacturing – administrative building by closing all its external offices and uniting design and production in one place. This gave enormous opportunities for improving the quality and the work organization. The modernly equipped factory with all necessary machinery for the furniture production is built in accordance with the requirements of all the standards for quality and working environment of the European Union.

The managers:

Stilian Dichev is an artist in regard to his education. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts “N. Pavlovich” in Sofia – R. Bulgaria. During the period until 2017 he has realized seventeen individual exhibitions and many participations in organized events in Bulgaria and abroad. Since the establishment of “Forma S” Ltd. his interest in interior design, furniture production and architecture has turned him into one of the most famous Bulgarian designers. He runs the team of designers in the company.

Boyko Atanasov graduated from the Technical School of Photography and Polygraphy “Julius Fuchik” in Sofia – specialty “Photozincography”. Since 1985 he has been working as a photographer at the Bulgarian National Television. He participated in the creation and realization of some of the first video clips. Since 1993 he has been involved in interior and furniture design. In the company he manages the technical and logistical direction.


Company interiors are published regularly in the specialized magazines – “Brava Casa” / Bulgaria/, “Ideal Home” and “Our Home” , as well as in other media.